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    E-revo brushless racing setup

    Hi all

    I have been racing my nitro Losi 8ight truggy at the local offroad track.

    My son have been driving his 1/10 E-revo brushless on 4s lipo on the track as well, just for fun. It is fitted with some good quality Losi truggy tires instead of the stock ones.

    He started with the stocks tires, but they got shredded.

    To our surprise the E-revo actually performs quite we where thinking of making it a little more race prepared.

    It is unbelievable funny to see that monster chase a nitro buggy on the strait trying to escape....

    As mentioned, it has the truggy tires, but what more would benefit the E-revo on a track?

    Swaybars?, springs? shock oil?

    I actually don't think steel axels and driveshafts are needed, as the track driving is not excessively hard starting stopping, backflipping from standstill etc. as seriously bashing.

    So I'm looking more on the handling side of improvements.

    Do any of you guys have any experiance or advice on some good tuning tips that doesn't involve changing the whole truck.


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    Sways would be a large help. I like the tekno version myself.

    Springs/oil will depend on the track. More than likely some stiffer springs, little thicker oil and a lowered stance will be a huge help.

    P2 rockers (stock) should do just fine unless your track is very smooth with small jumps.

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    I am also getting into running a track with my ebres.
    So I will be following this thread.....I can never seem to keep up with the nitro buggies
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    Would you go flip my truck back over??

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