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    so my question today is about altitude. i live near 6,000 feet above sea level, and wanna race near 10,000 feet above sea level. are there any precautions i need to take in tuning the jato? or is there anything that will mess with the carb or fuel at that altitude?

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    you will have to compensate for any altitude change, the Carb uses pressure to atomize the fuel, by removing too much oxygen you will eventually starve the engine and it will stall out. until that happens you have to lean the fuel mixture out to compensate for the lack of oxygen. we start our needles on the carb here 1/2 turn in further already, to lean it out. I would recommend getting an on board thermometer gauge before trying things at that altitude, and keep a close eye on your heat, to make sure your not too lean. You may also have to change fuel to help not starve the engine of oxygen, and get a 2 stage air filter, not that little thing.
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