Posted an earlier thread about a mystery revo truck that I picked up last month. Had no idea if it ran or what kind of issues it might have. It has a RB 323 engine.

I put in a new glow plug and cleaned up the engine to make sure it wasn't gummed up. I took the carb completely apart and cleaned it up.

Right now it will not suck up any gas. Put new lines in and if I pull the line from the muffler and blow into it then gas will go up to the carb but still won't start. If I can blow the gas up then doesn't that take out any blocks in the tank? I pulled the carb again and cleaned up everything I could to make sure there was no issues there but still NO gas will go up the lines unless I blow into the opposite line but then again it still won't start.

I also put in a new exhaust bushing/manifold to make sure there was no exhaust leaks.

Tried putting some nitro into the carb and it will sputter and almost start but won't stay running.

Any ideas? Can't figure out why it won't create enough pressure to get gas thru the lines.