Hey guys, just a quick question on the Revo. Im new to the RC world and this is my second truck I purchased a couple days after my first truck (T-Maxx 3.3) Really enjoying it. So I was told this is a 2006 model Revo 3.3 (see pictures below). I tuned it to the recommende settings (4/1.75) on the carb and it seems to be running well. Question is it seems to idle too high, and if I let the brake off it will pick up speed on its own (fast). It makes it real hard to learn how to drive it this way and cost me a front left side already (nailed a street sign). How is this adjusted ? It came with an AM remote. I see there are adjustments on this remote but not really sure how to use them. Heres the truck. Btw, I picked it up RTR for only $100.00 (Revo 3.3). Thanks for any help.