Besides the obvious the 3.3 is larger I am curious as far as Block, Bearings, Crank.
I assume the Sleeve and Piston is larger and that the Stroke and Rod sizes are the same is that correct?
what Parts are interchangeable between the 2 Engines? The Carbs and Exhaust are interchangeable right?
I am curious as I recieved my 2.5 with one of the Polished Tuned Pipes rather then the Black composite one and I have some extra Parts that go to the 2.5 Engine like 2 Cranks, I think the Pistons and wrist pins are toast though but rods may be ok along with a couple heads etc.
I just hate the idea of having these extra Items laying around and not knowing if they can be used or not.
I understand if the Rods and Wrist pins are not recommended to be reused but I would think that Cranks, blocks, and Bearings (if they are in good shape and have not lost there sealing ability) should be able to be reused.
What is the opinion on this? Is it better to just get everything new and Recycle these parts or are these items that are re useable?