So snow will be here soon..I hope.
Unlike last year my area of Ohio may actually get some snow.
I have a pede 4x4 that I run in the snow, but I would like to take the ERevo out too.

That being said I have a course in the back yard, and during the winter we'll pack the snow a bit to run our trucks.

What brushed setup would be best? I have an EVX2 that came out of an old emaxx that I could use.
Which motors would be best? And whats the best way to get more ground clearance?
I currently have dirt bonz on the truck. I know I can put the long rockers on, but is there anything else to get more clearance? What springs and oil wt would be best?

I'm effectively turning this into a snow crawler...but I would like to have some speed out of it.
This is something I could use during the spring and falls months too when it's real wet to do some crawling.