I have been reading about different TX's and RX's and the do's and do not's as far as antenna wires etc.
The 27Mhz Rx that came with my used T-Maxx had a bunch of extra wire that came out of top of Blue antenna Tube and was ran down the outside of tube and held in place by some black Tubes that fit over Blue tube.
My question is the 2218X RX has a much shorter antenna wire, it still has a metal clip like thing on top of Black Insulated wire along with what appears to be a few inches of Aluminum Wire with no insulation.
When I replaced the 27Mhz RX with the 2218X and installed the wire in the tube it did not even come to the top only about 3/4 of the way.
Should I cut the Tube down so the Aluminum end of RX wire actually is able to come out of Tube and run down outside a few inches?
How long is the Antenna Wire actually supposed to be anyway and how long should the bare wire be that is at the end of antenna wire? I want to be sure it has not be wacked by someone else prior to me.
I have not found any Adverse reactions or any range Limits though I have not actually attempted to drive vehicle further then 30 yards away from me yet or done a range test further then that either.
Also on this subject I have seen Some T-Maxx 3.3 Bodies that do not even have an Antenna Hole in them, why would there be T-Maxx Bodies manufactured without antenna Wire holes?
Don't you need to have the antenna Wire Sticking Straight or as close to straight up and out of the body or can you actually keep the Antenna wire under the body as long as it is not coiled up or in danger of getting eaten by gears etc?