Kdvanb... not a must have unless your going to bash it hard like a slash. If you stick to onroad running and dont bash into a ton of curbs youll probably be fine. If you do those things, might be cheaper to buy one than a pile of chassis.

BASH N SLASH... I havent noticed any extra heat with the cover... but its been below zero and snowy every time ive run with it so its not really a fair comparison. I never let my electronics get hot enough to melt anything so that wont be a problem. I will continue to run it in the summer to help keep the dirt out of the chassis. But im also planning to get a Jconcepts chassis cover to see how it works. Might not work with the brace on there now.

Heres a bit of an update. Just for fun. I was on ebay getting some parts for my mini summit build and the seller had Rally bodies for $50 with free shipping. So I picked one up. I have always liked the green with black wheels... so thats what I got. the wheels have a new set of stock tires.

I swapped over my little rally light bar from my blue/white body. This is the light bar meant for the 4X4 stampede. Mounts up with only 2 screws and looks pretty good on there IMO. I dont think it looks weird or anything. Planning on some head and tail light LEDS here pretty soon.

I didnt do any pics of my last set of upgrades. They are not at all exciting really. Just the usual stuff. But I had my camera out so i got some pics anyway.
Basically a full set of slash platinum bits. This was before the platinum LCG came out... but I just ordered one of those to scavenge some more parts from so this car will eventually have the new big bores on it.