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    Managed to get out yesterday with the rally. Have it setup with 19/54 gearing and I went back to the stock tires/wheels. I left the body 1 hole higher on the posts though and I installed some straight rate springs in the rear from a stampede as per the Jangs suggestion.

    I really like the stock tires SO much better than the buggy tires/wheels I was running before. They get better grip on all surfaces, the car handles way better, drifts better, turns better... everything is better. This car really benefits from the larger outer sidewall on the SCT style tires. I hope traxxas or proline releases different options in this size. Or at the very least, traxxas gets the tires in stock as this is all ill want to run.

    I took the car out to a large sand spot at our local fair grounds. It was groomed smooth after the last time it was used so it only had a few minor bumps in it. If I go back I may take some cones and setup a course, possible even add a few minor jumps.
    Before i went I attempted to install some roost deflectors behind the front wheels. I think the concept is sound, but the deflectors are not tall enough. Im going to keep working with the design to see if I can make it more effective. One thing is for sure, even with the deflectors, this chassis sure does collect dirt and sand. Luckily, it only took a few minutes with a compressor to clean it up again.

    And a short video. Please forgive both the crappy driving and filming. I was holding my Iphone with one hand and driving the car with my other hand (yes, one had driving).

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