I just scored this Carbon Fiber Chassis

As you can see in my other thread ---> http://traxxas.com/forums/showthread...re....-My-Jato I keep it looking great. but still play hard somewhat. I like smaller jumps. reaching max 10ft. Don't race it yet. Unless a class pops up that runs these in this area. So far not cause it's all short course, Buggies, or truggies. It has the OS Max 18TM that is wicked powerful. I am conflicted on what to do with this. Should I move everything over to this and run it. or will I bust it the first time I go out? One person told me that I should only use this type of chassis to race. Although I don't see much difference in playing around in the yard or dirt area vs. running hard on a track competing against other trucks banging around. Anyone have experience running in anyway with a carbon chassis?