So i have sent an email to traxxas customer support regarding the steel cvds and this is what was said:

Hi traxxas im a loyal customer and have owned many different traxxas models. I now own and love my stampede vxl 4x4. My only beef is that even on 2 cell lipo batteries my stampede is constantly breaking axles mostly rears even though im very careful not to land jumps on the throttle. Seems under moderate acceleration they will just twist apart even with the upgraded rear carriers to take out some of the axle slop. So my question is when are the steel constant velocity driveshafts (part # 6851R) going to be made available for purchase, and how much will they cost retail? Im sure im not the only one asking so please release them so we can all cure this inadequate axle headache but not have to use another brand to fill the void.

Hello Ben

They are currently available through your local hobby shop. Traxxas will not sell them direct until the shops have them in stock.

Please contact our canada distributor. They will be happy to tell you where your nearest hobby shops are!

So there was no word on price, so if anyone calls or picks a set up pls let me know how much, any pics, what kind of quality, how they fit, durability,experiences, or just feel free to write a review. Woohoo! They are here!