Hello, my name is Greg Wilke and I need your help.

I am building a Stampede but not like most builds. Instead of new and upgraded parts I am going to use only broken and damaged and ugly parts. Hence Frankenpede. I have made only 1 rule for my build, no new parts. How can you help? 2 ways.

1. I would like ideas, suggestions, input, and tips to help make this the ugliest "I can't believe this thing runs"-Pede.

2. I need broken parts. I can only break so many with my daily and abusive bashing See my marketplace post for more info please.

Day 1. Only aftermarket part is an RPM bumper, and willl be THE ONLY aftermarket part on there aside from a wheelie bar (for obvious reasons)

A week or so later...broken front turnbuckle, front chassis brace, and servo case

Broken front chassis brace fixed with zip ties and electrical tape (broke into MANY pieces)

Did some body work with drywall tape and shoe goo. But the body is still way too pretty still..

Almost 2 months later (and I'm not easy on my truck) And still looks way too good. Other than a bent caster block and servo saver, no new noticable damage.

Some zip ties, glue, and velcro and a few adjustments later and still 100% functional, but NOWHERE NEAR done. I want this thing to be ugly. I want to sew together a body from 4 or 5 broken bodies. I want mismatched colored parts. I want bent and broken arms, towers, links etc etc. And I want the truck to run like day 1. So far so good Please help!!!! Thank you,

Greg Wilke