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    Talking Our Home Made RC Car Track!

    Me and my friends have been so excited about getting our rc cars, we just HAD to do somthing rc car related. Since I'm the only one (out of 3) that has rc cars, we didn't have any cars to use, or tinker with. Two of my friends live really close to an abandoned field and city cannal, we thought we'd make a rc car track in the field. The field that we are creating the track in is normaly full of weeds, but the weeds are dead now because it's winter. We dug done about 4 inches, and we hit ROCK HARD clay. So, the track we're making is going to be a dusty, hard packed clay track. Here is some pictures of how it's coming! I'll post more pictures of our progress as we build it. In this picture we had just started. The two guys in this picutre is 2 of my friends.
    These picture was only about 30 min later, making good progress!

    This picture was an hour after the other picture was taken.

    This pile of dirt is where we are going to stand on to drive our rc cars. It's also where I took the last picture from.

    This is the cannal I was talking about. It's going to be SO much fun driving my Summit here.

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