Still getting used to my newly acquired used summit. I took the MMM (still need to change firmware version on esc) and put the Titan 775 and VXL-2 back in and ran it for about 20 min today doing a lot of crawling around the yard. After stopping for a few minutes the motor stopped responding. I charged the batteries and reset transmitter and re calibrated the esc and still no motor response. The light is green on the esc and all servos work as they should. The only thing i did differently today was take the servo horn off the rear diff to manually move rear diff locker into place to diagnose another problem. I put the servo horn back on in the same spot, but it does seem to be struggling a little.

Both motor and esc setups came with the used package

Does it sound like the motor is dead? I am not used to working with brushed motors.

thanks for yet another question.