In my brain I have worked out the plans for a coupler that would let the Flex Shaft's brass tube slip into, and would connect to the rear strut. This would keep the grease from spooging around the grommet at the back of the boat with out the need of using non-factory parts. It would also allow, the otherwise spent grease to be used in the strut, and would relocate any spent grease to the propeller end of the strut (where it would be easier to cleaned off).

When I make this, would you guyz like for me to post pictures of the construction steps needed, or should I just mind my own darn business, shut the heck up, and quit bugging you guyz about goofy mods? (lol)

The reason why I'm asking first is; it would be better (and easier) to take pictures as I'm putting things together, rather than taking (what I can) apart latter to take pictures. So, if you guyz are interested let me know, and my next Mod Post will be better illustrated.