Well, went to the post office and had a couple packages to pick up. One was the Rally. Here's the pics I just took, man this thing looks sweet

LOL I checked before opening and made sure it was the Orange/Black (fastest model of course). See the White dot, YES! Confirmed!!

I will be using this thread and updating as I install and change stuff. I plan on running it stock for a bit and I'll go from there. I promised myself to just run this and have fun with it and upgrade as I go, unlike the usual where the thing has 1grand in parts put into it before it even touches the floor LOL. I have a Savox 1258tg I'll throw in there fairly quickly, MMP and 3800/2400kv down the road. Have a few surprises on order already, (ill post pics and updates when they come in).

Got a pair of badlands here with some 17mm adapters. I'll get some pics up tonight in a bit, trick or treating time here soon with the boy.