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    HARDENED STEEL Differential gears at lower prices (to go with your aluminum diff cup)

    Yes we all know that TruckMasters from Germany sells Aluminum diff cups for approx $155 a pair. But their hardened steel diff gears are even more ($180)
    Surfing the erevo boards I realised that the differential ring and pinion gear are the same for both the erevo and the summit
    (traxxas part number 5379X Ring gear, differential/pinion gear differential).

    And also the internal spider gears for the erevo and summit are the same
    (Traxxas part number 5382X Gear set, Differential set (output gears (2)/spider gears (2)/ spider gear shaft/ diff carrier support)

    I took apart both, an old erevo diff and a newer summit locking diff that I had sitting around and yes all the parts (spider gears, pinion, ring are interchangable - I switched them to test)

    Knowing that the erevo has a larger aftermarket following than the summit I have found two companies that sell Hard steel diff parts for the erevo (summit)

    RRP Robinson Racing Parts - but they only sell the hard steel main pinion and ring gear - APPROX $40 each diff

    and GPM - they sell the entire Hard Steel internal diff gear set APPROX $20 per diff

    I know that RRP parts are top quality but I dont know much about GPM hard steel parts (although their aluminum parts look nice)

    and of course there are the truck masters set for a little over $170 for 2 complete sets

    ** of course you would still need the aluminum diff cups and some proper shimming, but there is money to be saved.

    Anyone know of other companies that sell hardened steel diff gears for the EREVO?
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