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    gotta love nitro!! and lovin the slayer pro!! alignment issues need some input!

    well I must say this has come a llloooonnnggg way since I first ventured into r/c days of the "grasshopper" the "frog" this thing is unreal on how much "adjustability it has to the "real thing" well not to much into it and already found a retaining wall (full throttle!) ouch! oops!! but in my "rebuild I basically rebuilt the front end! suprised didnt even brake a-arms! anyways I am curious on some feedback on getting a good alignment, I am not tracking it just messing around at my property for the moment. I noticed on some research on the "Caster" shims I only had 2 shims in the rear (towards motor) and it seemed to me there was alot of movement back and forth on the upper a-arm is this normal? and I guess I am curious some views on some (rim, wheel) upgrades, like I said just playin for now and just seeing some opinions. I am so far real happy in my purchase!! get what ya pay for right!? buy nothing but the best and you will never be disatisfied! anyways thanks Shane (slim)
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