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    Water Seal Mod (censored)

    This is my version of my original post. I think my first one got beat-up for mentioning how a certain gender gets googley-eyed when they see this mod. Oh well, thank goodness it was a little post.

    Anyway, I was getting a little bit of water intrusion when I slammed on the brakes with my boat. I don't do it often, but sometimes I do have to do it. I have the OSE splash guard, and it works well for the rare times I have to back up. But, it doesn't keep all the water out during a panic-stricken brake slamming sesssion.

    What I came up with was applying, and shaping silicon in the Spartan's boat top, rear fin vent area. When I install the top cover on my boat, the back of the boat has a good seal contact. I tried only covering the two little back holes, but this seems to work better. I don't know how much leakage this will stop during a roll-over, but my next project is to come up with a way to seal the hull with out the need for marine tape. If you guys want, I'll keep you posted.

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