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    I was unhappy with my original restoration! so i found a version 1 Nitro Hawk on ebay, and got to work, i swapped the chassis's and painted my original chassis, the version 1 chassis was almost mint... i restored my original hawk to MINT condition and restored the version 1 with spare parts & i had a trx pro .15 from my old Nitro 4-tec Pro. bought some new parts also like new fuel tank and new front bumper, fuel lines. And to finish the restoration i found an Original TRX Radio 2020 in mint condition, the only thing it was missing the AA battery holder, but i easily went to radio shack and bought the aa holder...
    [The ebay Version 1 Nitro Hawk i bought "good condition chassis"]

    [my original 20 year old Nitro Hawk, swapped chassis, some nuts & bolts & shock springs]

    [NEW fuel tank, fuel lines, front bumper, tires & wheels, TRX Pro .15]

    [Found my original 2018 servo ]

    [NEW stock 20T clutch bell, flywheel]

    [Original Nitro Hawk Body, "replica ebay", & original decals 6 month hunt on ebay]

    Continued on 2nd thread...

    [This is the paint i used to paint MIP 360 Stinger Exhaust to match Heat Sink ]

    [Original TRX 2020 *MINT* ]

    [Original Box came with version 1]

    [Version 1 white plastic NITRO HAWK]

    [Nitro Sport Body w/ Nitro Hawk Decals]

    [Paint i used to paint my original chassis before the swap]

    [Posing ]

    bump for the cause lol
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    Burn it...

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