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Thread: Nitro Buggy ?

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    Nitro Buggy ?


    Just joined, (Brighton Sussex UK) I have the Nitro Buggy am I in the right section ?

    Regards to all.

    It has the EZ start system fitted. Its all new to me, so some homework to do, any input will be most appreceiated as I don't think its a runner as yet. Regards to all.

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    welcome to the forums, you are indeed in the correct section, it is vintage and it is NITRO. i would assume the EZ start was installed by the previous owner as i dont think they came with that model. i would read on the .15 and revert it back to the factory settings, and put some nitro in her and see if she fires up.

    a few things to check ahead of time, is to take out the glow plug and make sure it actualy glows before you try to start the engine. otherwise you would be waisting your time. i would change all the fuel lines to rule that out as a problem as well, they are cheap enough. 4$ for 5 feet i think on ebay. or check your LHS if they deal with nitro vehicles they should have them in stock. also get a needle temp guage or a IR temp gun to read temp on the engine. but aslong as you have a moving piston, fuel, air, and a hot glow plug it should ignight and run.
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