I really want to make my slash 4x4 a racing truck.
I went to the indoor carpet track earlier today and the was a slash 4x4 Baja bug and it was super fast.
I want to make a really fast truck that is controllable but has power on 2s lipo.
The hobby shop I race at is called hotrod hobbies if you want to get an idea of the track.

I made a thread like this about a month ago but it never got going...

Currently have a onyx 25c 2s lipo pack.
My only other upgrades are aluminum bearing adapter and rpm arms in the front.

Honestly I just need to get it dialed in.
I have to brushless setups in my sig below but I don't think they would be the best.
I'm looking at the tekin motors but don't know where I should start with them. Do the 4000kv motor get hot on 2s?