Well my RC story began in the eighties with lots of tamiya stuff. Grew up and it sat in the loft for 20 years. Found my 1988 avante in the loft about a month ago. Spend 80 getting it going, little to fragile for me now. So decided to go bigger and tougher, plumped for brushless E Revo more by luck than judgment.

Well what can I say, truly amazing piece of kit. Had ERBE for about a month before went to Lipo's. currently running 6500mah 2S with 18/54 grearing. What can I say about going to Lipo's, it's a totally different beast.

I've been flitting around the forums for a bit, looking a upgrades people are doing, made the rear brace mod with pushrod arm, which seems to work well.

(Let a mate have ago and it ended up in 2 foot deep in water, hour with hair dryer and stripping esc, and managed to get it all working again - phew)

Just like to say all advice and post have been really informative and helpful in general.

Looking at getting a set of road tyres and bigger of road ones. I generally just out for fun and bashing.

No pics at present, but some will come

So big thanks to all posts in this forum.