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    slayer truggy buggy

    I noticed quite a few threads on people asking about racing against buggies or about converting their slayer into a buggy. I can only find one thread on a slayer truggy, but it did not seem like they had much different done to the vehicle, in terms of performance. how would a slayer compare against a truggy? is there a website or location I can find information on key diference's?
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    Truggys are racing buggys, and the Slayer is a short course truck... I don't think too much would be the same between the two... Try researching the said "Truggys" and see if you can find any other info... I don't think you will find much info on Truggys here on the Traxxas site though. Good luck!
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    Two different animals. The truggy is the truck version of a buggy; it has the flat low-center of gravity chassis, and bigger tires.
    Much different than a SC truck.
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