ok, well. i picked up a used jato from craigslist for $100. the guy said it had been sitting for a year and that the engine was busted. but that wasnt the case... it had been sitting and the fuel gunked up in the bearings. i put some fuel in the carb and easily worked the engine loose with a pair of vice grips on the flywheel. started her up and get this... the batteries were still charged, all the servos worked. lol i guess i got really really lucky. anyways, i did my normal brake mod and it helps so much i decided i would share with you guys.

here is the truck

and here is the mod. basically it costs $2 to do this. anyways, i got a throttle linkage spring from a tmaxx and a stopper to hold the spring on the other side of the brake link. what it does is when you hit the throttle it opens up the brakes completely. it doesnt take much tension on the spring to make your brake open but this allows you to tighten the normal brake nut more than average thus allowing for stronger braking. just my $.02

Here is the mod