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    Thumbs up DiggerPede's Project: 1/10 Rally 4WD Orange/Black Unboxed & Some Upgrades

    Yay the big brown truck dropped off my 1/10 Rally 4WD Orange/Black car after lunch. I came home from work and the little guy had opened the shipping box it came in. He was all excited to start busting into the box. LOL I told him we can after soccer practice and supper. After finishing supper ( he almost fell asleep on the couch ), I whispered in his ear you want to open the car and he jumped up with excitement. Needless to say we opened the box and he helped me inspect everything over. He was super excited. Even the wife liked it and thought it was awesome. I promised him the TQi transmitter, so that was all his.

    I tucked the little family in bed and looked the car over. First off this car is frigg'n huge and a piece of art work. Of course the Orange/ Black body is the sweetest look'n. 1000x better in person, & pics don't do it any justice. My only concern is the shell is paper thin. Any carnage and it'll be toast. I think i'm going to drywall tape and sho-goo the inside. Any of you guys going to do that?? I'm really digg'n this new LCG chassis, it hugs the ground perfectly. Very good R&D Traxxas. I yanked the old Nimh pack and test fitted my 2S SPC 5400 50c with no issues whatsoever. I centralized the pack in the chassis pan and it fit perfectly, won't be no movement here. I'm a huge fan of the sliding battery hold downs. This needs to be used in more Traxxas models. The shocks aren't to bad, they seem to hold the car in place fairly nice ( talk about this later on). I also like the use of the MJ rear sliding shock mount ( looks to be the same width, not positive though ). The front mounts are totally sweet, they rock to fit the curves of the body, ingenious!! Lastly the tires arent that bad. I could see getting a pair of street treads for on road use. When I test fitted the pack I had to test out the electrics to make sure they are good to go. This car actually runs nice & quiet with the stock brushless system. Really peppy, even with stock gearing. I'm impressed even out of box form.

    Starting the upgrading process didnt last long. I did the test run as stated above. First thing I did was pulled the Ultras and installed the Losi 10-Ts. This took a few minutes as I jacked them from my Rusty build. As much as I wanted to be in a hurry I took my time to get everything right. These upgraded shocks are so much more plush. I managed to get both sets removed, ultras to the Rusty and the 10-T's installed on the new Rally. I set the springs to where I felt they would work best at the moment. I'm currently running the stock black springs that come on the losi's. I want them to stay stiff so this might be the perfect setup. I'll see once I put the car in action. Man time flew once I started messing with the car and drewling all over it. This is as far as I went before I went in for some *shut eye*.

    My plans this evening are to solder on bigger 4.0mm bullets on the ET-3S & ET-2400kv combo. Plus cover the wires with mesh & heat shrink. I have a few more parts in the mail that are scheduled for delivery this week. The Traxxas alloy bearing adapter 6893x should be in the breadbox today. The upgraded slipper and alloy shoes by Friday. That's all for now. Saturday looks like it might be a nice day for running. Plus cooler weather is on the horizon for us in the South. LOL

    The upgrade plans for the future are another set of RPM A-arms ( have one set ready for install ), Lunsford Titanium Punisher links & hinge pins, and the battery expansion kit. Other thoughts down the road are either Tekno or MIP axles. I'm debating on whether or not I want to dye my chassis. Its good for show but not sure i'm going to do it since its so low riding. What are ya'll doing? I seen one guy already did and it came out reall good.

    I think I hit this up pretty good and in short an idea or what upgrade plans are in the future. Now to the snap shots of it direct from the packaging.

    I have to say the safety cone Orange is the sweetest!! LOL

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