Who plans on upgrading or hopping up their new 1/10 Rally 4WD right out of the box?? I was unsure right at first but my willingness to do so overcame that within a couple of fast paced hearbeats. I thought about just running it stock for a little while then going forth. That might change Tuesday when the UPS man pays me a special visit.

This is my plan for upgrades to the Rally. I'll end up putting my special touch to it in the coming weeks/ months. This is what I have purchased so far.

1/10 Rally 4WD Orange/ Black( obviously ) --BTW the fastest color choice available! Merlin put a spell on the other 3.

ET-3S Traxxas/ CC ESC
ET-2400 Traxxas/ CC 4-pole
TRA6893X - Traxxas Slipper bearing Adapter
TRA5351 - Revo Alloy Slipper Plate
TRA5352R - Slipper Clutch Rebuild Kit w/ Alloy Slipper Shoes

Five Finger Discount from one of my other RC's:
1258TG - Savox Servo

In need of:
Traxxas Battery Expansion Kit

What other areas are you guys thinking? Maybe RPM A-arms, alloy shock towers, alloy or titanium links. I really like the stock plastic shock towers not sure i'll move to alloy on them.

.....so......list them!!!