This should get rid of 99% of any rubbing. This How-To only applies to the stock steering components, stock servo and stock servo horn. It may work with other components, but no guarantees.

1. Make sure all steering adjustments on your radio are in the center and your steering has been calibrated, if your radio allows.

2. With the truck/radio turned on, flip it over and the front wheels should be to the top, remove the servo horn and put it back on so it is facing one tooth to the left or towards the outside of the truck.

3. Now test for any rubbing in both directions.

4. Adjust drag link length larger or smaller (I can't remember), until you have little to no rubbing in both directions.

5. Your steering centering will be off a little. Adjust this using the trim on your radio.

6. You have to find the balance between steps 4 and 5, so you may have to repeat.

7. To make sure you have full, equal steering, turn the wheel to the left and see how close your tire gets to the shock guard, now do the same for the opposite direction. With Trenchers, the tires should almost touch the guard. If it's not equal on both sides, repeat steps 4 and 5.

This process takes patience, so don't give up. You should now have little to no rubbing while retaining full steering. Here are a couple of videos to show my setup. Sorry for shooting portrait but it was easier to hold the camera this way, just watch them full screen.