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Thread: Bead loc wheels

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    Bead loc wheels

    I was looking at getting some badlands for my slash but they don't come premounted and I don't want to bother with the whole gluing part, so I was thinking of mounting them on proline bead locs but their website says not for extreme speeds of brushless motors. Just what do they consider extreme, 40, 50, 60 mph does any one know if these would be alright on my slash with stock gearing?

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    If you have the velineon you will be fine, I run mm2200 tons of torque, no issues
    Slash 4X4, MM 2200kv
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    I run beadlocks exclusively just so I dont have to mess with glue or trying to recover glued wheels when the tires are shot.

    Im running a 3s high powered ESC/Motor combo and have yet to spin one off.
    One bit of advice though. During assembly run a small bead of clear silicone around the beads then let it cure for 24hours before running.

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