Hey guys, nice to meet you all.

Bought myself a Rally rolling chassis.

From the get go I had custom parts to install for it.

Installed a 540 motor 3650KV Sensored. Installed Slash shocks to raise the height and dropped in the Tamiya Rally Block tires on some 1/10 wheels.

Loving it so far, car is extremely fast and everyone always gets blown away when seeing that tiny little car going around.

Heres a video of the car in action. (excuse my mispelling of VXL3S. DUnno what I was thinking.)


I have a question though:

I searched far and high and could not find any info. I want the car to have more clearance and was wondering if the 1/16 summit wheels fit? Are there clearance issues with bumper and axles? I see a lot of threads about converting to Summit, but I'm just really interested in the wheels only.