Hey guys. I've purchased a month ago a Brushless Mustang and a Brushless Ken Block, one for me and one for my father.

We both went to the same track, running with the same setup and my Mustang tends to do a 180 everytime I'm in the middle of a turn. When I drive his Ken Block, I can do exactly the same and the car stay 'glued' to the track.

After many suspensions changes - nothing managed to solve that issue - we decided to take a look at both cars differential and transmission. We noticed that when we spin the rear wheel of his Ken Block, the opposite wheel spin in the opposite direction and the main transmission shaft stays still, not turning at all. When we do the same with my Mustang (manually spinning the wheel with the same amount of power), the opposite wheel doesn't turn and the main transmission shaft starts turning, spinning the front 2 wheels.

The same occours if we turn the front wheels, the opposite wheel of his car will turn and the main transmission won't and mine will turn the transmission and not the opposite wheel.

That behavior changes if we turn the Ken Block's wheel faster, then the transmission will turn and the opposite wheel won't, just like my Mustang (slow or fast).

We jumped in the conclusion that there is something different about our differentials, maybe mine is using a heavier oil, maybe leaked, and so on.. Any thoughts ?