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    Slipper Clutch or Diff ???

    Sorry I am new to this forum so this may be a very silly question but I hope you can answer it?
    I have a Slash ultimate 4X4 and when purchased it had a slipper clutch fitted (a centre diff was supplied with the kit as well) whilst running it recently on a beach the clutch got hot and started slipping. This raised a question for me which is:
    When should the diff be used and when should the slipper clutch be used? The car is used for fun (not serious racing).
    Can anyone tell me when I should use the centre diff and when the slipper clutch and why are they both supplied??

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    First, you posted in the 2wd slash forum, but its ok, that happens. The center diff was supplied in the PE mostly for racing applications. In loose slippery conditions, using the center diff over the slipper will allow you to use more throttle leaving the turns with less oversteer at the cost of loosing a bit of acceleration in the trade. It makes the truck more manageable in high power low traction situations...
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