just bought a revo off a guy from work , its like 95% there from what i can tell ( only paid 80bucks for it ) its a 3.3 , guy i bought it from bought it off a guy who took it apart and lost intrest and the guy i bought it from didnt know anything about it and was trying to get into the hobby but lost intrest quick , from what i can tell its got a FOC in it because i cant see any way to shift the trans into reverse ( not to familiar with revos at all thow so i could be wrong ) , so far i can see the only things im gonna need is a charger for the RX pack , a 27mhz reciever ( i may just step up to a 2.4ghz setup if i can find a deal on one from craigslist ) , 1 hex peice that sits inside the rim and a pullstart ( it has a ez start on it now but i need the wand , would rather just use pull start anyways thow ) ... its got a few aftermarket goods , tons of suspension springs , aluminum rear A arms , metal gears for the trans ,., looking to upgrade the stearing servos thow ( its got a 2055 and a 2018 in there now , probably going to go dual 2055s or step up to dual 2070s if my pockets let me )

ill be looking for a few parts to upgrade and replace so please look for me in the sale section