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    Mini Digger issues

    I've upgraded "my son's" mini 'digger and have some questions about its performance / tuning.

    Upgraded to Velineon 380 / VXL3m ESC. Off the start line it's sluggish. Top end seems fine but from a dead stop it defiinitely bogs down for a couple seconds before the power hits. I'm not well versed in gear ratios, but I'm running a 28t pinion (came on motor from lhs) and a 55t spur, which was stock on the mini digger. I expected

    Also, the brakes. When i was running the stock motor/esc (before it went up in smoke) the digger would slide to a stop if you nailed the brakes. Now it takes a LOT longer for it to roll to a stop. I went through the TQI menu and braking % is most definitely set to 100%, and it's still far below what I feel it should be.

    Yes, I've read the manuals. I also looked around online a bit and didn't find an answer to the specific question...though with 2 small kids here I'm sure that my search wasnt' as thorough as it could've been

    Thanks for any advice/insight/constructive criticism you can offer.

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    sorry this is for the 1/10 pede styled mj series

    traxxas has the forum up in the 1/16th scale mini summit
    summit /mustang /stampede-2s spc lipo

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    Yeah, brushless motors don't have that 'lock up the rear tires' braking power for whatever reason. Another thing is that brushless motor get the truck going faster so you'll need more room to stop. I wish I had more input on the gearing/sluggish take offs, but usually when we upgrade to brushless, we'll run stock gearing initially to see where were at. It sounds like the motor came with the pinion installed? If so, is it the same size gear that was on the brushed motor?

    1/16 forum will have better support but there's a few guys in here that also have the 1/16 Digger or merv

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    The 28T is stock on the mini revo
    I would use a smaller pinion to get a bit more bottom end but you'll have to just watch your temps with that gearing
    That stock gearing and running pack after pack is going to heat up fast

    Try a 23T or 25T to start

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