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    Wheel / Tire Combo Question

    What is the maximum size in width we can run on our pedes. With stock length arms.

    What offsets should I be looking for.
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    you can run whatever fits... depends on what diameter you are looking at as well... I ran stablemaxx wheels on my stampede 4x4 from a T-Maxx before... it was fine.... you can also run little tiny touring car wheels if you want.... really there are so many choices......

    there are some people that run the Ofna wheels, and those things have almost no backspace
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    I think you can run tires as wide as you got the servo strength to turn em. I'm using the 2.8 trenchers and my 2075 turns em pretty good

    size wise be carefull as trenchers on the front when fully turned are a half inch from the chassis. I'm sure ballooning would make it touch the chassis.

    hope that helps

    edit: I'm running

    front: proline trenchers 2.8" on desperados black 1170-12
    rear: proline trecnchers 2.8" on desperados black 1170-13
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