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    Sent a couple Pms but calling out everyone on this one.
    Thanks for your help on my servo/bec issue, but it gets weirder. This weekend I took my esc and rec from my merv to put in my hawk to upgrade my merv some more. I thought I was going to need a bec for my mmp because it didn't work my ht5085. When all was hooked up the hawk worked fine. Now the hawk has the rec that came in my merv, which now has a TQI. A MMP ESC an old Futaba servo and my 6.5 Sonic. All works fine but I had to link up my stock controller from my merv. When I used my TQI it made the servo go squirrelly. Turned it off the turned reg 2.4 ghz back on and it worked fine. I can plug the Ht5085 into my 3.3' rec it works fine with the tqi radio. This is really weird. Any ideas, I can't figure if it's the rec, esc, servo, or radio, b ause all work fine in other situations in different combinations. I'm starting to lean towards the tx. When I get home I'll plug the ht5085 into the hawk w/ non tqi and see what happens. If it helps I'll send you a short video of the madness.
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    You need to slow down and make a single change at a time, it could be that one receiver doesn't like a particular servo. Your post is confusing as to what you swapped and what worked with what.

    3.3 I am assuming uses a receiver pack so no bec or esc. If the servo worked fine on that then you are left with either a hi amp draw from the servo that is causing issues with your bec on the mmp, or your BEC on the mmp isn't putting out as much power as it should.

    Hook your receiver pack to your tqi after you pull the red wire from the esc plug and hook it all up and see if the issue persists. If it doesn't then you know it is not the servo, but indeed the esc or bec.

    I just went through a big mess with my hobbywing esc that lost power to the BEC, so I am probably going to run a seperate lipo for a stand alone BEC. That seems to be the best option for me.
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