I'm wondering if any of you guys can tell me brands of lipo battery's availible in Canada.
I currenlty have an onyx 25c 4000 mah 2s hard cased battery.
I want something that can power my trx sl2sh mmp 3800. I want 40c +

The three lipo brands I have seen here in Canada are..
Traxxas-only availible at 25c and soft case. Plus is castle says these are the only 25c battery's that work with the 3800

Onyx- they are hardcased but not availible in higher c ratings

Venom- Ive heard the connectors aren't that good and the swell up?!?
Plus is there availible in many c ratings and are hardcased

These are the only three brands I know of. Non meet my expectations. I can't order from online hobby stores as I'm only 13 and I don't think my parents would like that LOL