hi guys

ive been reading on this forum for some time now and 3 weeks ago made the big move of living the dream and went out and purchased a brand new 1/10 summit.
no matter how many videos or pictures you look at and get all excited inside with while looking and watching the summit in action, there is no better feeling than actually owning one and going out on trails you know locally and absolutely dominating them. There are some trails near to where i live in England that are hard enough to walk up they are that steep never mind get a summit up there. They are just to amazing there is not enough words to describe my emotion to owning one of these bad fellas ive had mine now for 3 weeks and been through rivers and up rocks through mud and all sorts and it keeps coming back for more. i have got some pics of it in action that i will upload tomorrow when i get a quiet bit of time at work but for now ive made my first video on it not to much of a rock climb as i was really suppose to be taking the dog out for a walk but thought sod it why not
by the way this is a wicked forum for hints tips and a glance at other peoples projects keep up the good work guys
heres my video if you fancy taking a look