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    Transmission help

    Inside the transmission for my maxx their seems to be a noise coming from the tranny and i think it is because their is barely any grease inside. Is the reason their is noise because their is barely any grease? What should I put inside their to replenish the grease? What type of grease? What do u guys recommend? Thanks.

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    I use Red Mobil grease on The noise could be a broken tooth or shot bearings, IMO.
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    The transmission is designed to run with very little grease.
    Noise is normal... these are straight cut gears, which are very loud but inexpensive to produce.
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    Is it a high wine or not?

    If its a high piched wine like a belt slipping or something, your bearings may be on the way out. If not, its just normal gear noise. Take the seals off the tranny bearings and soak them in synthetic motor oil, then reinstall the seals and put them back. I grease my tranny with white lithium, because the metal gears do like grease, any synthetic grease will work.

    Before you tear the tranny apart, check if the noise is in the tranny or if it is the spur-pinion mesh. when I went from dual pinion to single pinion (2 motor to 1 motor) I cut my gear noise in half.
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