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    Talking Need Stampede Vxl 2wd advice

    Hello Im new to this forum but have been perusing along time.
    I currently have a 2wd vxl pede with 30/84 gearing running 3s traxxas 5000mah 25c lipos. I have been using this setup mainly on pavement to go up and down the road mainly speed runs but have been eating alot of gears so i need some advice on a new setup. I am going to be taking my truck to india for fun because im going on vacation there with family. I need to set up my gearing so i get good top speed and good temps on dirt and pavement. I am planning on buying 2 2s duratrax onyx 5000mah lipos as well. So could someone please tell me what gearing would be best? EDIT Running the 3500 brushless system.

    1. What gearing should i use for dirt/pavement for 2s lipos and 3s lipos?(Looking for good top speed and bashing)
    2. If i run 30/84 what kind of temps will i be looking at? (Right now i only run the car on this gear for 10mins tops i dont have a temp gun)
    3. Should i get the REAR CVD KIT H/D RUS/STMP? (

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    1: run 19/86 for both terrains.
    2: if you run 30/84 for bashing, you have high temps in dirt.
    3: those mmps are well rcomenden by many people around here.

    If you are eating lots of gears, then your gear mesh might be a little to loose.

    Hope this helps!
    God is good.

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