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    Center Diff and 5s

    I found that it was hard to get good accelration with my Emaxx, it would just wheely all the time, and I still wanted some more top speed. So what i did was use a 2s and 3s together both are indentical and i added the center diff.

    The 5s is perfect, noticable increase in top speed i even think I got a better run time.

    The center diff, i'm not sure what oil is in there but in high traction the truck will wheely a small bit, but in loose or soft dirt / regular tires in sand the truck was much more controlable. I also have +20 progressive rate springs for slash rear, I only had to add one of the larger spacers and made it the same length as stock. these worked great I can hit some big jumps and as long as I hit the tranny no bottom out at all!

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    i think the center diff would be good for my emaxx onroad build i want more accelration with out wheeling alot i want to grab the throttle and go. i will be using a 2150kv motor on 5s with roadrage tires geared for 50-60mph.

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