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    Slash 4x4 MT conversion...

    I know, I know, another post about a MT conversion to a Slash 4x4. I've been researching, reading, researching some more for the last month or so. Many, many options out there, one person says one thing, another person says something different. I've got a couple questions that I haven't been able to find the answer, or I may just be missing the concept! Let me start out by telling what I've got so far. This is for my almost 8 year old son's xmas present. Currently he is driving a Grave Digger, 4x4 Stampede VXL setup I did for him in the spring. He has been constantly wanting a "bigger" truck like my EMBE that I've built up. I'm thinking a MT Slash 4x4 could be a good medium for him. Here's a list of what I have so far in parts to build this:

    1. Slash 4x4 Chassis - already dyed black
    2. Slash front and rear Traxxas bumpers
    3. PL 2.8 Desperado's with Trenchers on them
    4. Slash center driveshaft, cover, battery holder, 2wd pede Rx box.
    5. RPM arms, adjustable body mounts
    6. MIP front and rear CVD's, currently on his p4de.
    7. BB Traxxas shocks

    I was planning to keep the stock ESC and Velineon (has a fan on both ESC and motor currently) due to it being waterproof and he being a kid that finds mud and water! Keeping the stock p4de spur gear, and I have a 9 and 11 tooth pinion.

    My question deals with the motor and selection of ESC's as well as pinion gears. No racing, just bashing around on cut grass, gravel, dirt, asphault. My concern is the VXL and Velineon overheating due to the larger tires. I only let him use 2s lipos. Traxxas 5800's and SPC 5400's. I can't seem to find another brushless motor/esc combo that is waterproof like the stock setup. Maybe I'm missing the fine writing?? Looked at Castle's 2400 and 3800 setup, I believe these are the sizes that most seem to run depending on where they run and what lipo setup they use, 2s,3s,4s, etc. Is there something I've missed as far as any other parts to upgrade? Any input or direction to look would be very appreciated! Thanks.
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