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    LED question....

    This is the first time I've seen this... While crawling, my front white LEDs turned a dim green then turned off... I'm guessing the lights(4) blew and I will need to replace them. But I have never seen that before... I m running a voltage regulator to limit output to each bank (3) at 4 volts max each. Do you think this is a problem with board or LEDs.

    I will be taking the truck apart again to check voltages and lights but I was wondering about the use of boards this was a first for me, normally I direct wire, is this green glow before burnout normal?

    Anyway the board claims it can handle 7.2 - 12volts. I was using an 8.4 nimh pack for power... Any insight is helpful....


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    I've had more than a few Leds get the green glow before they died, always from to much voltage. Now this wasn't on a Summit, just some little projects a while back.

    Sounds a little weird to me though.

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