I have come to the shocking conclusion that I have too many RCs , who knew that was possible

So, I am thinking about selling my 2x4 Slash, just not sure what to ask, so here is the run-down.
(and no, I am not taking offers, still thinking about it, if I decide to sell it I'll post it up in the Marker Place with a run-video.)

ESC/Motor: VXL
Steering: Proline Kit (Also will come with the Traxxas aluminum bell cranks, only one pack on them before switching to the Proline kit)
Tires: Proline Calibers (4 packs total at the track)
Wheels: Zero offset Proline
Suspension: Proline Protrac (5 packs ran, 4 at the track).

Everything else is stock VXL with the normal scratches, ran on 2S only; the body needs to be replaced. With all of the upgrade stuff with low run-time, I was thinking around $150, is that about right? Too high, too low?