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    FS: N-Pede

    Well its time to sell my nitro pede now as its just sitting there and i dont plan to use it till next year and if i want to buy my charger and parts for my merv i need to sell this to support my hobby now here it is. Everything goes that is in the pics and if i happen to come across any more parts they will be included as well. Sale is: AS IS though i will try to correct if something is wrong ( like parts left out) but other than that its AS IS.
    i've put in a 2.5 added Racing Cooling Head to it, engine has about 2 1/2-3 gallons of fuel ran through it and always used either WD-40 or After Run Oil and took apart every 10tanks to clean. Doesnt have a Carb only the needles for the carb and old carb casing is included though HSN thread broke off stripped.
    Blue Jato Resonator pipe with jato header, 20t Cb, 70t spur, proline runtime fuel tank(needs to be mounted better down), RPM rear shock tower(weak link with these so upgraded), Maxx shocks and springs stiffer than stock, rx wiring for an rx 5cell pack up front as you can see the zip ties to add weight up front (this is a wheelie monster), Jato wheelie bar, RPM electric pede a arms all around, slash vxl rear axles(alot stronger than stock nitro's), Vxl electric mod up front with new bearings all around the truck, 2055 steering servo, CS-70 Metal geared BB throttle servo though i took out the top gear for plastic to mount on didnt have adapters but its include in bag of parts, t-maxx turnbuckles shortened to fit alot stronger than stock, no AM crystals though but does have rx & tx 2channel, slash 2wd front bumper, better than stock/rpm this allows it to ride up the curb and absorb shock better, 1/2" offset hex's all around adding width works great so far even at speeds above 40mph, idler gear upgraded to metal geared, diff thicker grease to semi lock it, pede 4x4 talon wheels with about 10-15 runs on them, brand new glow plug MC COY used 1 time, engine cleaned and lubed up for winter, comes with all the extra parts in the pics: pull start(used about 5times), glow ignitors 1 D battery and 1 rechargable, air filter oil, after run oil, 2 air filters oiled and casings, cb's, cb's shoes not much left on them though, ez start wand+battery 7.2v 2000mah, old nitro axles, brand new rear skid plate, engine mount, 12+14mm hex's standard & 1/2" included, old carb (broken), all the needles for a new carb casing, front bulk head(front shock tower on the broken and has a peice of dog bone chassis), fuel line clips, metal gear for servo on truck included with new servo saver, plastic idler gear, casters electric, rear hubs, 2 extra OWB's. Body is not in the best shape as you can see but does hold up good and works good will last a while to come. whatever else is in the pics is included like i said if i get anything else i will include.
    Now the bad: screws on the truck some are a little stripped due to being stainless steel(cheapy's) and alot of the screws are not meant for the pede at all so maybe a screw set is needed and i drilled a few holes in the engine mount and dog bone to hold engine down better but doesnt affect anything at all and the fuel tank does need to be better mounted i was planning to make a alum plate for it and bolt it down to the chassis plates but didnt have time. Engine backplate 1 screw stripped a little so i used a longer screw and holds up good no air leak from what i can tell.

    I have an extra body: 4tec 2.5 model drilled mounting holes and works good for a car body look can be included for 15 extra. This body is thicker and more durable than stock body.
    I built this from a mess i got to this now was my 1yr project .
    Pics now:

    Price: 235 shipped priority mail w/delivery confrimation & maybe Ins-SOLD AS IS
    PAYPAL Only-No Holding on Sale first come first serve no exceptions please.
    Email contact fastest way or pm here may take longer though: this is not my paypal though just contact only.
    I have lots of 100% feedback on buying & selling & trades.
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