Yesterday, I made my second run... A little more elaborate than the first (a bit more free space), a small piece of soil and a possible jumping point (less than 0.5m).

"I ran" until the batteries are exhausted, and returned home for the first thorough cleaning routine, which included the removal of the ESC module and batteries to see if there was much dirt to the chassis. And it really was! I wiped with a dry brush and just pulled all the dirt that had accumulated in the crevices and corners, but I realized that underneath the center driveshaft cover, MUCH dust, dirt and small stones accumulated, to the fullest extent of the driveshaft. From what I observed, all this dirt came through the opening in the chassis where it is the servo.

A solution to the whole mess would be a protection that covers the entire bottom of the chassis? I searched the list of Traxxas parts but found nothing specific for the Slash 4x4. Where to find such a protection (if any)?

Another point I wanted to pay attention now is the overheating of the motor and ESC. I know there is a cooler for the Traxxas ESC, but what if I also want to connect a heatsink + cooler to the engine? It is possible to connect the two together?