I have been debating on what to do with all the extra slash 4x4 parts I have and after the release of the Proline Bulldog truggy body for the rustler I knew what I wanted to do. Then, seeing All Aluminum's thread I was further inspired and now it is time to start thinking about my build. I get off work on Wednesday (I work offshore) for two weeks and I will order the extra parts I need on Friday. I plan on using this truck for all around bashing and I will be taking it to track outings as well. I just got my order in of 4 Gens Ace 50c 5000mah 2s and 4 40c 5000mah 3s batteries in so I'm excited to try them out. So far I have these items in my slash 4x4 box and will be using them in my build:

X0-1 cvd's, 17mm adapters, wheels
X0-1 carriers, knuckles and caster blocks
various Suprasells buggy wheels
rear hpi Vorza shocks
rpm shock towers
rpm front bumper
front and rear diffs
camber and toe links
sway bars
Kings Headz motor mount
strc motor plate
FLM aluminum center diff cup
hardened steel 49t spur gear
Castle 1410 3800 w/fan
Mamba Max Pro
glitch buster

These are the items that I need to order. If there are any suggestions feel free to let me know since I won't be ordering this stuff until Friday. I would like some input on what servo I should go with. I would like metal gears and not have to use an external bec.

Proline Bulldog truggy body for Rustler
Losi Ten-T wing and wing mount
Snappy MMP mount
Stampede chassis, center shaft, font bumper and skid plate
Vorza front shocks
Kyosho retainer cups
Hot Bodies rear shock ends

The part that I'm undecided on is the arms. I want to do metal arms because I have bent the X0-1 cvd's while running rpm arms. I don't want to run protrac. My options are:

FLM front and rear (excellent warranty)
SSC extended wheelbase rear with FLM front (has to be good!)
TRCE front and rear (I had their original style and bent them pretty easily from torque but I've heard the newer ones are much beefier.) If I go this route, I will be able to have rear mounted shocks.

I would appreciate input on the arms and servo selection and anything else really as well. I'm really looking forward to this build!