The track was open this morning, so I drove down and put wheels on a track in more years then I care to think about. Like, since I raced slot cars.

It was a blast, more like bashing on the track then racing. No one was on the drivers stand, had the helpful kid, it was totally relaxed. I hadn't checked the front end closely, and it was out of alignment, way out from a bump against a truck tire (RPM arms are everything they say, flexed, didn't break or bend) but as far as cars on the track, this one will keep up with the A-Main runners! Got into a couple of drag races on the long back stretch, either a dead heat or I wipe 'em out. Jumps were easy compared to my backyard track, nice and smooth, made triples easily, launches level, lands level, plants and runs. It would of been lots more fun if I had really tuned the alignment (done now, did the best I could at the track, but it still was off) so I wasn't fighting the truck.

Also the first SSC LCG chassis seen in these parts, so while it was on the pit table with the body off everyone came by to take a look.

So despite the Novice Driver, one impressive truck. Now, to get the Driver to the same level as the Truck!