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    Earth, Milky Way.

    New Summit owner...

    And his name is djmedic2008! Here is his unboxing video:

    I can't wait to see his running videos!
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    LOL I can't wait for his review of the 'sway bars', the TX '3 position winch switch', the 'double front suspension' whatever that is, how great the 'sealed spur gear cover' is, but only if he can find the batteries, they seemed misplaced somewhere (hmmmm did he notice the extra wires and connectors sticking out of the chassis and this guy has 4 years of RC experience

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    unboxing a vehicle on camera that's been out for 4 years = <facepalm>. when a vehicle is BRAND NEW to the market, sure, do an "unboxing" video if you really must. but i'll never understand why 9208743098 people have to do their own "unboxing" video even after they see that it's been done and done and done and done again. while this guy was interesting and well spoken, I'd really rather have my 13 minutes back. but then again maybe i'm jumping the gun, and he'll build a sweet ride with his summit....time will tell.

    "wheel hex releasers?"....nice.

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    Have you seen his truck overkill?
    4 motors 2 transmissions
    It could be interesting...we shall see
    I guess

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