So if you know a little about traxxas and the velineon esc you will know the lvc is set to 3.7 which is the nominal voltage for each cell. Also you'll know that when under alot of load it can have a random voltage drop and switch into lvc early. Ive read on a thread that all i need to do is turn the lvc off and buy a lipo buzzer. I have a few questions on this, has anyone out their already done this? can you buy a little cell checker and leave it plugged into the balancer cable while using the model? is the thermal shutdown set lower or higher when not in lvc? because unlike a lipo nihms get hot. anyways if anyone has done this and can give me some advice on their experience with it let me know. just annoying when it trips into lvc prematurely or even cutting it at 3.7 i mean it saves the battery but 3.5 is still more then conservative on a 3 cell which is what i use.